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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  March 31, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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radiation. >> as more radiation is detected here in the united states. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> the u.n. nuclear watchdog is looking to put more between nearby villages. radiation is now being found in milk in the u.s. baby nagga shima is only 2
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years old. born near the power plant. at first, this she is being checked with a geiger counter for radiation poisoning. >> as the situation gets worse, her mother says, i get more scared. in japan, they are concerned. sea water now has 100 times the legal limit. pooling water has more than 10,000 times the radiation. and these, 40 miles away from the crippled reactor complex. that's prompted the watch dog group to call for an a watch dog zone. american and french nuclear experts have arrived to help, offering robots that can go into the plant and detect
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leaks. trace amounts of radioactive iodine can be found in milk. >> it's hardly a surprise that that happened and should be expected. >> reporter: health officials say consumers shouldn't be worried. the health limits are still 5,000 times below the standard set by the fda. >> they are increasing monitoring of air, milk and water nationwide. kai, for the second time in two days, a top libyan official has defected and resigned has post. nato now parole -- patrols the skies. meanwhile, the country's current and former foreign affair ministers said they are stepping down.
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and no boots, but the u.s. is admitting the cia has a small amount of operatives on the ground. they are debating whether to arm the rebels, fighting against gadhafi. a high-ranking officer is suspended, following an investigation into his personal weapon. mike hellgren has details in the investigation. >> reporter: someone else had possession of this weapon. and police want to know whether major anthony brown who heads the operations followed proper procedures for those deemed required under maryland law. they will determine how the politically-connected owner in southeast baltimore came into possession of a .38 caliber weapon. the issue surfaced when businessman nicholas ramos reported the gun stolen and gave police the serial number
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they traced back to brown. wjz obtained the copy. under state law, any gun sales must be reported. it's unclear why ramos had possession, how he got it from brown. >> the investigation remains very much open. our plan after we do this investigation is to present it to the state's attorney's office, to determine if there were any criminal violations or laws that were broken during the process. >> reporter: major brown has been suspended during the investigation. it's unclear whether he could face any charges. the penalties for illegal possession of a gun, include jail time. >> we are going to err on the side of holding this accountable. while the investigation is going on, we have decided to administratively suspend him. >> reporter: again, police are stressing there are no charges that have been filed at this point. they just want to make sure there was nothing untoward, nothing illegal done. major brown, they say, has been
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fully cooperating. reporting from city police headquarters, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. and new at 5:00, what ramos' wife told wjz about the incident and her husband's relationship with brown. police make two arrests in the slaying of a maryland university student. jessica has more on what the suspect and police believe is the motive. >> reporter: 23-year-old stefan weaver of bowie and deanne ray of dray are charged with murder. police say they shot 22-year- old justin vance at this home in january. they believe robbery was a motive. justin was a major at the university of college park. his murder came at a time when violence was spiking in baltimore county. so far this year, there have been 13 murders there. >> weaver is being held without bond.
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williams is awaiting extradition to prince george's county. >> wjz is following a developing story at this hour. orioles great brooks robinson has been hospitalized. we have learned that he was admitted. however, it's unclear why brooks robinson was hospitalized. a gbmc spokesperson said they could not release information. aall calls have so far gone unanswered. robinson underwent abdominal surgery in 2010. we'll keep you updated on any information we learn about his health. health worries in frederick county, where health department officials are investigating an outbreak of salmonella. this is linked to a sausage breakfast earlier this month in thurmont. the meat was provided from the
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frederick county, 4-h country butchery. salmonella is thought to be one of the most common foodborn illnesses. thought to be life-threatening. the health department is recommending that all be thrown away. outside now, there's light rain falling. and it's cooler than normal. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist tim williams is here to tell us when we will see sun again. hi, tim. >> hello, everyone. we're looking at another gray, drizzle kind of afternoon. drizzly, i should say. and with spotty showers all across the region. we're not looking at a whole lot of improvement here any time soon. temperatures are only now in the low to mid-40s. and we are well below our average high of about may -- about 59 degrees this time of year. with this rain, have several other areas of low pressure yet to move across. one of them is just across the carolinas, moving over toward the coastline. that is eventually going to track up toward the northeast, bringing them, pretty heavy winter like conditions.
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how much of that might we see? well, we'll have that answer coming up in your complete updated first warning weather forecast. we're going to check on the roads here with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. some problems beginning out there in baltimore city. we have pictures of a crash that just happened. it's involving two overturned vehicles, west cold -- greenspring lane. we'll give you more information as it becomes available. as far as the rest of the region goes, 25 minutes on the west side inner loop there, that's from 895 to liberty road. on the top side inner loop, at least 15 minutes there, from the jones falls expressway to providence road. southbound on the harrisburg expressway, past the maryland line, we have an overturned vehicle. that's blocking the right-hand lane. and several other accidents to report in the region. cranbrook road at york road. painters mill. and back in the city, north liberty at west lafayette.
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greenmount. and reisterstown road at bryant avenue. let's take a live look at bryant road. here's another look, plenty of delays there. 70 at 29. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has visited the cochran firm. >> more multimillionaires in new york today. several purchased the winning mega millions ticket and they're introduced. manuel gallegus reports for wjz on the big win. >> reporter: these seven shy state workers are america's newest mega millionaires. and they are overwhelmed. >> it's been a blur. >> just hasn't sunk in. >> still in disbelief. >> they pitched in just $2 each for 14 quick picks. looked at the numbers and looked at them and looked at them and i was like, is this for real? >> now, each one takes home $3.5 million after taxes.
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they can buy anything they want. but they haven't made a decision yet. >> i just want a dish washer. >> mark bart. >> he is their boss, just down the street from where the group works. and barth's sweet tooth may have sealed their fate. barth had a sweet tooth, someone cut in front of him and bought a lottery ticket ahead of him. the next one out of the machine was the mega millions winner. >> i'm thinking, after all of this went down, i wonder if that guy would have won the ticket instead of me. ien. >> -- i don't know. >> a nervous john health hilton was -- john hilton was in charge of the piece of paper for $319 million. >> put it in a bucket of five- gallon bird food in my basement and hid it. i didn't know what to do with it. >> reporter: the group hasn't decided yet if they'll ever return. would you?
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manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> normally, 12 workers in the office are in the lottery pool. but last week, five didn't participate. but we can only imagine, they're feeling fairly sick right now. >> i would give them a couple of dollars. just because i would feel bad for them. >> i think it would be the nice thing to do. >> maybe buy lunch every day for the rest of their lives. >> i like that. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. [ baby babbling ] >> da da da. >> for centuries, it has been said twins have a secret language. you have got to see this video. it will change your mind if you don't believe that. >> on a seven-day voyage from baltimore, see the trouble a carnival cruise ship ran into in florida. home land security. why they want to know more about this boat that washed up in california. march ends today. will april bring sunshine? ,,,,,
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a suspicious boat turns up in california. now, homeland security wants to know who left it there. the boat was spotted earlier, loaded with fuel and life jackets. it's unclear who or what was on board. a pennsylvania truck driver is thanking a corn crete wall for saving his life. the man said he was choking on an apple and blacked out when he crashed into a highway meridian. he said the impact of that crash threw him into the steering wheel and dislodged that apple. nobody was seriously hurt in the accident. mixed news from wall street today.
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not a lot of movement from any of the major markets. dow was down. nasdaq up 4. let's go to new york right now, alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. up 1006 dollars a barrel, after forces loyal to moammar gadhafi took force. fewer americans applied for unemployment benefits last week. a sign that layoffs are dropping and companies may be set to hire workers. the number of jobless claims dipped last week. it comes one day before the government releases a big, monthly unemployment report. when it comes to customer loyalty, ford beat out general motors last year. that's according to an analysis by the company polk. chocolate prices are going up.
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hershey is raising wholesale prices by about 10%. but consumers may not see the impact right away. because retailers will be able to buy chocolate at the old prices for about eight weeks. that means you can still stock up on your easter candy at current prices. americans spend about $2 billion in candy each year. in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. >> you've heard the saying, there's no crying in baseball. well, it turns out, there is crying in tennis. [ crying ] >> a baby crying out. he's going to serve through it. >> freshman david ferrer lost that point and apparently blamed the crying on a toddler. he hit the ball in the stands toward the dad and child. he didn't hit anyone and was heavily booed for doing that. he went on to lose to american marty kemp. >> can't do that.
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>> it's just a baby. i feel bad for them. coming up on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00, water ball warning. what are those? the danger you may not consider. don't miss consumer watch. checkmate. it's a game of skill and whit. and these baltimore middle schoolers have mastered it, going all the way to nationals. so what's their secret? i'm andrea fujii. that story is just ahead on wjz eyewitness news. light rain continues to fall across maryland. and tonight, the winds pick up. meteorologist tim williams has your forecast. baseball season is here. and the orioles will soon be back on the field at camden yards. we want to see your favorite memories from the ballpark. e-mail those pictures to and look for a slide show on ,,,,,,,,,, [ horns honking ]
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a took a tour of camden yards today. rain not a great mix with the outdoor tour. i was still getting excited for monday, tim.
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>> well, if you have a skybox, if you can just find some shelter and keep eating. >> that's true. and the concessions are all new this year. >> yes. and they all have television sets. >> that's true. >> just go and eat. >> but it's going to be sunny on opening bay. -- day. >> i like your positive thinking there, mary. >> i do, too. >> if we can will that, it will be a great opening day. looks like there could be a little mist around. but not a washout. we're not looking at any washout. but looks like there are going to be several low-pressure systems moving through. some areas of basic disturbance. and they're going to be moving through between now and monday. what we're going to be dealing with, this next one, is going to be tracking across the carolinas and moving up the coastline. that one has already, long -- along with one that is farther to the east, generated tornadic activities. these are strong storms to our south. this is going to track up the coastline and tap into colder
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air, bringing with it that moisture. and that's going to bring the potential for serious snow, up to our neighbors to the east. we're not going to get too much of that. but we'll see the temperatures cooling off until that gets out of here. right now, we are in the cool zone. 42 degrees, our -- temperature now. we're pretty much at our high for today. 59 is our normal high for this date. 92% relative humidity. winds are from the northeast, bringing in a cool, damp air off from the north and off the bay and the ocean at 9 miles per hour. at 29.73 is your barometer reading. these temperatures to the west are still right around freezing. 35 in oakland. 37 in cumberland. we have 46 in ocean city. and even though that is one of the warmest spots on the map, it is still way below the normal high. 39 in westminster. 42 on kent island. 41 in rock hall. everyone just around that 40- degree mark. and again, these northeast winds are helping to keep our temperatures down. we see no sun at all. and without any influence of
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any warm air from the south, we can't even pass into the warmer air that is down around atlanta, memphis, and back toward kansas. you can see, they're not all that warm. they're in the low 50s. and that's all the air directly around us. off the great lakes, we're dealing with wintery mix. this sleet coming in up around lake michigan. what we're going to be dealing with, this is the jet stream, just bringing in one disturbance right after the other, across the region, bringing them in from the west coast, right around down from the south, where they're pulling in moisture and taking aim on the mid-atlantic. so last night, if you were out looking out your window, just after sundown, you probably saw some light snow showers if you were probably north of the beltway. and it's going to be pretty much the same drill tonight into tomorrow, until these systems get out of here. so we'll be in the zone where there will be potential for rain today into tomorrow and even early on saturday, before
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we start to see a chance of clearing. small craft advisory goes in effect tonight. stays through tomorrow evening. next high tide at fort mchenry, 6:04. temperature-wise, we're right on target. then 50 degrees tomorrow. a little warmer than today. but showers around, especially in the morning. then just another cloudy day. >> all right. >> same forecast, over and over again. >> thank you, tim. don't miss tonight's primetime cbs evening lineup. at 10:00. it is the hit crime drama, the mentalist. eyewitness news at 11:00. and we know they face the home opener monday. you'll see it live here on wjz 13. our special pregame coverage begins at 2:00. then stick around for the orioles game. right here on wjz 13 on monday. erica hill has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news.
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a multibillion dollar project meant to store america's nuclear waste. so why was it shut down? find out why. the ntsb finds out what they're learning about the deadly bus accident in new york. hiv. malaria, even cancer. imagine testing for all of these illnesses with one drop of blood. in health watch, see these new testing techniques. gadhafi's regime is cracking down and helping nato forces. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues, with dede,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:29. 42 degrees. but light rain and drizzle in central maryland. hello, everyone. and thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. >> while the battle continues, lawmakers in washington are grilling pentagon officials about the future of america's role in that. danielle nottingham.
4:30 pm
>> rebel pickup trucks, armed with machine guns are not enough to fight off moammar gadhafi's better-armed troops. they launched markets at ground troops loyal to the libyan leader, hoping to gain troll of bregga. it's an important oil port that has gone back and forth between rebel and regime hands. amid the battles, at least two members of gadhafi's regime have resigned. among them is musacussa. libyan officials insist he stepped down because of his health. but coalition leaders see it as a sign that gadhafi's regime is crumbling. >> reporter: on capitol hill, top pentagon officials met with lawmakers who are growing more frustrated by the bay, over -- day, over the lack of clarity about the next steps in libya. >> how long do you anticipate our military mission in libya will last. >> no one can predict for you how long it will take.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: secretary gates and joint chief chairman, admiral mike mullen, are now playing a role and won't take the lead in arming and training the rebel. >> there is going to be that kind of assistance to the opposition. there are plenty of sources for it, other than the united states. >> reporter: the pentagon's top official stood by president obama's pledge not to send u.s. ground troops into libya, and they insist that in the end, the people of libya will be the ones to bring down gadhafi. on capitol hill, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the two pentagon officials could not answer whether the u.s. will get out of the conflict if gadhafi remains in power. there are less than three weeks left until space shuttle endeavour lifts off. however, it is unclear if congresswoman gabrielle giffords will get to see it in person. kai jackson has more on what
4:32 pm
her husband, mark kelly has to say. >> the space shuttle crew are in the final days before their mission. kelly arrived this week, but he said he still doesn't know if his wife will be able to fly to florida for the liftoff. giffords was shot in the head almost three months ago. kelly says ultimately, it will be up to her doctors. this will be the next to last shuttle mission for nasa. >> wondering a little bit if my wife can make it down here for the flight. that's still being discussed. don't have final approval from her doctors yet. >> reporter: this will be endeavour's flight and the next to last shuttle mission for nasa. >> giffords is undergoing rehab at a hospital in houston. everyone said their last goodbyes to geraldine ferraro today. hundreds of people turned out for ferraro's funeral in manhattan. the service featured nine eulogies, including one from maryland democratic senator barbara mikulski.
4:33 pm
ferraro, the first woman to run for vice president on a major ticket, died at the age of 75. off the coast of california. the engine of a fighter jet failed and caught fire as it prepared to take off from the uss stennis yesterday. the mishap left 10 sailors injured. four had to be air-lifted to a hospital. three could be released by this weekend. more than 750 million americans ride motor coach buses each year. now, after several americans have been killed in a high- profile accident. congress is demanding tougher standards. >> reporter: a casino tour bus on a new york city highway, crashes and flips. 15 people are killed. investigators now say the bus was going 78 miles an hour. far above the legal limit. >> it is incomprehensible that it has taken so long. >> reporter: two days later in new jersey, a coach, headed to philadelphia, skids off the turnpike and smashes into a
4:34 pm
concrete overpass. killing the driver and one passenger. 40 others are hurt. yesterday, the company that owned the bus lost its license to operate. at yesterday's hearing on capitol hill, senators and transportation officials considered drastic changes to the industry, including seat belts for all passengers. stronger roofs to prevent rollovers. and electronic on-board rotrecorders, -- recorders, which keep track of drivers behind the wheel. and the reality has hit home for john and joy bets. >> anger, frustration. and sadness. one week after we buried our son, i read a 1999mtfb report that had been calling for these safety recommendations for the last 25 to 30 years. and you know how that makes you feel? >> reporter: whit johnson, wjz eyewitness news. >> however, a bill with similar recommendations failed to pass last year.
4:35 pm
lawmakers said it wasn't cost effective. a rough evening for people on board the carnival cruise ship. mary bubala is live in the newsroom with more on how bad those storms were. >> reporter: the carnival pride was stopped at the port in cape canaveral for a day-long call, but they didn't count on a major storm. in fact, gusts from that storm were so strong, it blew the ship from its mooring. the ship returned to dock where it remained thursday evening. carnival is not sure right now when its ship will resume that journey. the ship left on a seven-day voyage. >> no one was injured. the crewmembers released a statement. in tonight's consumer watch, satisfying that sweet tooth may cost you a little more this holiday. the hershey company is raising its wholesale prices by almost 10% this year. they are blaming the spike for increased cost in raw materials and transportation. the weather is anything but
4:36 pm
sweet. rain, however. and it's not snow. outside now, it is gray, chilly and damp. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here with more on when the rain will stop and when the wind will pick up. >> maybe dry things out a little bit. take a look at radar. we have light rain and drizzle much of the day. batches to the south and southwest of us. probably all over by maybe noon tomorrow. we'll see some rain with it. not a heavy, heavy rain. and to the north and west, just like we saw last night, we saw a little snow in the north and west suburbs. late tonight, early friday morning. there may be a little more of that slushy stuff. as temperatures mingem in the 30 -- minlle in -- mingle in the 30s. >> 50 would feel good. check in on the roads now with kristy breslin and traffic control. hi, vic. hi, everyone. still busy out there.
4:37 pm
especially on the beltways. we have delays on the top side inner loop. average speed, about 26 miles an hour. almost 30 minutes on the southwest side of the outer loop, from 895 to liberty road. and we're now starting to see some congestion. that's on 70 westbound, from 29 over to marriottsville road. plenty of accidents to report. harford road at onyx road. havre de grace area. pulaski highway at louis lane. and then three accidents here. frankfurt at radicky. east calvert at 25th. let's now take a live look. you can see it may take you sometime to get through that delay on the beltway, west of york road. this traffic report is brought to you by blue diamond almonds, more than just a snack. back over to you. >> thank you, kristy. the game of chess is gaining popularity among middle schoolers, so much so that some are going to the championships next month.
4:38 pm
chez is a game of-- chess is a game of mental gymnastics. >> i most like like this. you have to use your mind and the skills that you've learned. >> reporter: this is the it -- the second time the 11-member team has won the state title. but the first time, they're headed to the national championships. >> makes me feel like i've accomplished a lot. >> reporter: many of these players didn't know how to play the complicated game before joining the club. >> you have to be book smart. have you to look at it and read the theory. and once you get into that, it gets better. >> reporter: since the team won states last year, this is now the club to join. there's even a waiting list. >> in a game dominated by boys,
4:39 pm
player sharia tia is not intimidated. she's actually considered one of the best. >> you have to be at least two moves ahead of your opponent. >> reporter: besides outsmarting the players from other states, they have other tricks up their sleeves. >> i like toying with the other player's mind. >> andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> cross country middle school will also be going to nationals. the tournament is april 15th in ohio. and april 5th is just around the corner. that's the o's home opener against the detroit tigers. see it live here on wjz 13. our special pregame coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. and stick around for the orioles game. a full day of orioles baseball, live here on monday. >> you know, we've got to get inside and take a look at all of the new stuff, too. >> at the ballpark. >> yes. all of the new food. straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00.
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[ babies babbling ] [ laughter ] >> special connection. meet twin babies, talking their way to fame. facing the death penalty. the new charges against a texas day care owner whose home caught fire, killing four small children. and the weekend is in sight. will the rain be gone by then? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police in birmingham, alabama are being accused of unnecessary force. an attorney releases this video from the night his client was arrested. police say they witnessed this man breaking into a car. and that is when they threw him to the ground and began hitting him numerous times. the officers say they used minimal force. an this-house investigation has been launched. $15,000 reward has been for
4:44 pm
information leading to dunne. police believe the missing 13- year-old is dead. though they are not ruling out any possibility. haley was last seen december 28th at hore home. her mother's live-in boyfriend was previously named a person of interest. investigation into the deaths of four children last month. >> file the four counts of murder against jessica tata. she has already pled not guilty to four counts of manslaughter, six counts of reckless injury. tata could face the death penalty if convicted. authorities believe she left all seven children alone in her home while he went shopping. they say the fire was ignited by a stove top burner that was left on. vic? >> thank you, jessica. the mother of one of the four children who died in the fire has sued tata, accusing her of negligence.
4:45 pm
hiv, malaria, even cancer. imagine testing for all of these illnesses with just one drop of blood and in the span of 10 minutes. university research is working to make that a reality. >> reporter: the a.i.d.s. healthcare runs several dozen hiv tests every week. >> the more we can automate the process, the better. >> dale has been involved with testing for nearly two decades, would welcome new testing technology. >> that would help us in terms of volume. and would probably eliminate some human error concerns. >> that's what a group of researchers at the university of california berkeley are working on with their new analysis tip. all at the same time, and even faster than ever before. >> it's very sensitive. >> reporter: the drop of blood then separates.
4:46 pm
if the disease is present, a signal will light up. >> it's lightweight, it would be easy to make, since it's just plastic. and so simple to shift to people around the world. >> in these developing countries, there is no lab. in a remote area, people just don't have access to that. >> having something like this would be great in terms of having access and immediate diagnosis. >> reporter: researchers are already working on the next generation of the chip, where you could read the results with a cell phone and are hoping to get fda approval for the next two years. for wjz eyewitness news, i'm cara suboy for c in san francisco. the university researchers say this technology is also in high demand at crime scenes so experts can quickly analyze blood samples. las vegas police arrested 41-year-old margaret boyet. she is accused of grabbing one of her students by the wrist and forcing him to hit himself
4:47 pm
in the head multiple times. police say she also attempted to slap the student but a teacher's aide stopped her. boyet is being held on bail. every middle school in california is in trouble today after a colossal food fight. >> reporter: friday's facebook food fight at arden middle, had hundreds running for cover. >> once it started, there was screaming. kids started running out of the jiminize yawm -- gymnasium. it was a mess. >> it's being called the biggest and worst ever. >> the vice principal said it took 15 days for it to be cleaned up. >> very common for kids to be on facebook. >> facebook is where it hatched. >> i guess it snowballed from there. >> there is a punishment. and it will be sweeping and swift. >> i received a phone call frathe -- from the principal. >> reporter: the trip to great
4:48 pm
america, canceled. turns out, there weren't too many of those. the district followed a facebook fingerprint trail, finding three out of four kids participated in the food fight or knew about it ahead of time and still kept quiet. >> when you have that great number of students participating, obviously the consequences are going to be quite broad. >> the most massive and messy food fight in the middle school history, coming at a price. >> you ruined our school year. >> students can earn back some of the activities taken away with good behavior. >> the government is warning people to stay out of water walking balls. the air-tight balls put users at risk of suffocation and drowning. the giant, inflatable spheres are popular at many water parks or carnivals. the commissioner says there is no safe way to use the balls. it is urging the ban of the water walking balls nationwide. it appears the seven for a
4:49 pm
missing snake is over. zoo officials have found the egyptian cobra. the cobra was coiled in a dark corper of the reptile house. in less than a week, the snake has become an urban legend, even pretending to have follow followings on facebook and twitter. a 24-hour live stream of this eagle's net. the mother is nursing three eggs. and any day, the world will have a chance to see them hatch. and the baby twins are talking their way to fame. but what are they really saying? [ babies babbling ] >> the twins' mom put the video on her blog, and it ended up on you tube, where dozens of people have been supplying their own subtitles. experts say the twins are only imitating each other. but we can only imagine what
4:50 pm
they would do if they did find that cobra. i'm not sure what that mines. >> well, they had little words on there. so they're talking about the cobra. but you know what? they have their own language. i love the way they talk. and the way they laugh. light rain is falling over central maryland. >> bob turk is here to tell us >> bob turk is here to tell us if it will warm ,,,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
a look outside. a couple of drops there on the camera. >> this is what i call a sinus headache nightmare. >> why? >> this is the kind of weather you get sinus headaches. if you have sinus issues. some of us do. i happen to be one of them. right in here. all right. let's take a look -- quick look at radar. got some damp conditions. cool. just kind of miserable out there. most of the rain, however, is pretty light. there's a batch out to the west. it's all moving off to the east/northeast. right now, pretty quiet. just light stuff north of town. but there's more on the way. let's see more showers developing this evening. and it will be with us probably
4:54 pm
through tomorrow morning. north and west of the city, just like we saw last night, northern carroll, northern baltimore, northern harford county. southern york county. a trace to as much as an inch of wet snow. it can happen again early tomorrow morning. 43 degrees now. it's still well above freezing. 39, dew point higher than it was yesterday. 85% humidity. northeast winds strong. barometer, 29.69, falling just a tad. right now, 43, 42. 46. to the 30s west of us. and primarily these areas, higher elevations, west and north. can see some wet snow for a little while early in the morning before it hits tomorrow. the dew point is still pretty high at 39. won't be a whole lot of that. but the extreme northern sections of our region may see a little slushy, wet snow late, late tonight. early in the morning, before it quits. 41, bel air. still have these east/northeast winds. bringing that cool, damp air from the ocean. and from the north, they did
4:55 pm
see some snow last night. and may see some more, as low pressure down to the south develops off the east coast. it will drag cooler air in from quebec. and it's up to the north. up to portions of new england. interior sections could see quite a bit of wet snow. for us, just a rain mixture. you can see this batch of rain moving in from the southwest. tonight, that will be with us overnight. look for rain steady later on. and yes, some of the higher elevations, showing frozen precip. not much reaching ground out there. this thing off the east coast is going to develop into an area of low pressure that will be pretty strong by the time it gets up to like the boston area. it will get breezy and keep that cool air in, at least for one day. now, saturday, we have a weak front goes through. maybe one leftover shower. but i do expect to see some clearing maybe friday afternoon, a little brightening is possible. winds will still be breezy out there. and the bay temps, still in the
4:56 pm
mid-40s. rain, drizzle around. around 37. however, up by the northern areas, maybe 34, 35. and tomorrow, morning shower left over. and lots of clouds. may get up to 50. and there could be some breaks in the cloud cover, later on tomorrow afternoon. and it will get a little warmer this weekend. >> all right. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. >> a high-ranking baltimore police major, suspended, after a prominent business owner reports the major's weapon stolen. stolen. how did he get that weapon? ,,,, you want to get a great looking lawn like this,
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4:59 pm
gun. and about to play ball. the big changes you'll notice, when the o's open the season at camden yards. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala upon. >> and i'm kai jackson. wjz is following breaking news. brooks robinson is in the hospital upon. >> we have learned that the baseball hall-of-famer is at the medical center. however, it is unclear why robinson is in the hospital. we do know that he underwent emergency surgery.


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